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Hitting the evangelization homerun

By Amanda Lindley | Web Content Specialist @ALindleySTL | Email me This past Sunday we heard what I think is one of the best Gospel messages. I think that it is the absolute Cadillac of instructions on how we as Christians are supposed to live. Jesus Said, “I give you a new Read More

You Give Love…A Good Name?

By Paul Masek REAP Team Coordinator  I know that I’m dating myself (not romantically, of course!) when I tell you this, but back in ’86 when I was a young, hip, and trendy 23-year old, the song  “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi was all over the Read More

How Do I Look?

By Ben Govero Web Developer  There’s no denying that nowadays most of us think about our looks, often way more than we should.  Between movies, magazines, the constant flow of our friends’ photos on Facebook and Twitter, and all the other media that engulf us, we are surrounded by messages Read More

Between a rock and a hard place

By Kathleen McGovern Coordinator of Youth Ministry  Since it happened people exclaim “let me see it!” I pause for a moment wondering what in the heck they’re talking about and then remember that I have a ring on my finger that states, “I’m engaged.” I still try to wrap my Read More

Good for a Nice Conversation

By Seth Jansen Parish Evangelization & Outreach Coordinator  With recent hail storms in our area, we receive frequent knocks at our door from roofing contractor canvassers. One Saturday, however, I was surprised by two Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Overcoming the urge to interrupt with “can’t you see the Mary statue on the Read More