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Avoiding the ‘End’ of Marriage

Around the world, it’s the end of marriage as we Catholics knew it. Right? Well, maybe. It depends on how old you are. Do any of us alive today ever really remember a time when Church and State were completely in sync on the meaning and purpose of marriage? Can you Read More

Photo of the Week: Planned Parenthood

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Caption: | Weston Kenney | westonkenney@archstl.org | Instagram: westonkenney Protesters stood outside Planned Parenthood facility on Forest Park Blvd. in St. Louis in response to a video that surfaced that showed a Planned Parenthood worker negotiating selling fetal tissue from abortions. Cindy and Rudy Mendez, stood outside of Planned Parenthood Read More

Fr. Dotson: A Message to Mothers

It happens from time to time at Mass that a small child will be having a rough day and will be a bit noisy. And on occasion, I’ve actually had people come up to me after Mass and say, “Father, you should really talk to those parents about their child.” Read More

I Did Not Survive Roe vs. Wade

Today is the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade. Nearly one million people will be marching in Washington, D.C. today to show their disagreement with the decision. There will be thousands of signs protesting the murder of the victims of this law, posters of cherubic Read More

He Makes Everything New!

By Julie Bostick, Executive Director, Office of Laity & Family Life Our kids didn’t come with a “how-to” manual, so I learned how to be a mother through trial and error.  Like most moms I worried that each of my parenting decisions would “scar” my children for life.  I attended Read More

Teaching Children to Pray

By Seth Jansen Coordinator of Evangelization & Parish Outreach My wife, Maria, came home from her holy hour excited about something she had read on teaching children how to pray from the book We and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland.  I looked it over and was impressed with the Read More

My kids are cute

By Brian Miller Director, Office of Young Adult Ministry My kids are cute.  You can’t deny it, they just are. Though I would like to take the credit, it’s probably due to my wife’s stunning good looks and charming personality. As a proud papa I constantly listen to people telling Read More