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Protecting the Holy Innocents


Fear and uncertainty sometimes drive people to do the unthinkable.

Consider the story of King Herod of Judea, who centuries ago ordered the killing of any boys two years and younger living in the area of Bethlehem. Fearful of losing the throne to a newborn “King of the Jews,” Herod commanded a mass execution of these Holy Innocents. (The feast of the Holy Innocents is observed December 28.)

Centuries later, the story hasn’t changed much. Our modern-day “king” is Planned Parenthood – that is, “king” of abortions in this nation. They’ve taken advantage of the vulnerable state of women who fear they won’t be able to care for a child in their circumstances – poverty, lack of education and non-support from the baby’s father are a few examples.

This summer, we saw just how far Planned Parenthood has taken its so-called promise of “Care. No matter what.” The undercover videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress showed horrific conversations of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing the potential sale of fetal body parts.

Planned Parenthood has shown its hand. Now it’s time for the pro-life community to show ours. We must step up our efforts to protect the Holy Innocents of our day. Since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision, more than 57 million babies have been aborted, according to a figure from the National Right to Life.

This fall, a group of concerned Catholics launched Holy My Hand (holdmyhand.net) a new website dedicated to getting more people involved in the pro-life movement. (Read more about the project here: stlouisreview.com/THg) The website includes specific ideas for getting involved through education, service, prayer, advocacy and on social media.

We must be committed to protecting not only the Holy Innocents, but also the women who make the brave choice of saying YES to these children. That means offering practical support to help them care for themselves and their babies. To be pro-life also means to be pro-woman. We must also provide hope and healing to the women who already have made the decision – often out of fear and uncertainty – to end the lives of their children.

Hold My Hand is about bringing an end to Planned Parenthood. But it’s also about offering women real health care options that don’t include killing the lives of the unborn innocents, driven by fear and uncertainty.

This is the third in a 12-day series of posts with the purpose of helping readers deepen their appreciation for, and celebration of, the 12 Days of Christmas, a season which traditionally concludes with the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th.