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If I Were the Sovereign Order of Malta, I’d Be Miffed…

Since the rumors concerning His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke’s reassignment as the Cardinalis Patronus of the Sovereign Order of Malta, all we're hearing is what a demotion this new position is. (Interestingly enough, when Cardinal Burke was appointed as Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, his detractors and the mainstream media went berserk with talk of that being a demotion despite that, beside the Holy Father, he held the second most powerful position in the Roman Curia.) In the more anxious circles of the Catholic Church, the transfer is being examined and dissected in any number Read More

The Singing Nun…

Those of you who know me have often heard me say that religious orders should make themselves available to families and young women in order to let them see that saying "yes" to a vocation isn't saying "no" to life. In the case of Sr. Cristina; however, I believe grave errors in judgement have been made. Barbara Nicolosi recently gave an interview to the Catholic News Agency and said just what I've been thinking After you read the link from Barbara, check out the video. I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry suspects his dentist has recently converted to Judaism Read More

The Synod of Excess

Last week I found myself growing increasingly irritated with the Synod going on in Rome and the various reports coming out of it. While I understand that the family is the core of the Church and by strengthening the family you strengthen the Church, and while I appreciate the fact that it is important for the Magisterium to look at the family in the 21st century, reading all the reports coming out of Vatican City, I became acutely aware of the fact that, what seemed to be the main points of discussion in the morass that, from all external appearances, Read More

The Catholic Church Has Rules and Expectations. Thank God. 

In 2005, the United Auto Workers issued a statement regarding Marine reservists who were using a UAW parking lot that read, in part, “While Reservists certainly have the right to drive non-union made vehicles…that doesn't mean they have the right to park in a lot owned by the members of the UAW." If you are an employee of PepsiCo. and are seen drinking a Coca-Cola product in public, you can be, and should expect to be, formally reprimanded by the company. Last month, a Glendale police officer was fired after writing on his personal Facebook page that the protesters in Read More

Our Fiat. Do not be afraid.

At the moment our first parents, Adam and Eve, lost Paradise for us, we began waiting. 2,000 years ago, a young girl named Mary waited with the rest of the world for her savior, not knowing that she would be the vessel that would pour out salvation to humanity. With just a few words, the world's wait was over... The Latin for “let it be done” is “fiat.”  Mary's response to the angel, in Latin is, "Ecce ancilla Domini; fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum." Mary's "fiat" is her "yes" to God.  So "fiat", in addition to being the name of a cute, little Read More

You Are Hated. Gird Your Loins.

This past weekend my colleague Lisa Johnston and I went out on our first video shoot for the 2014 ACA video. The first location we shot was outside of Planned Parenthood, where we were capturing the Rosary-laced fingers of those who stand outside of that horrible establishment praying for a change of heart for those who are considering the destruction of their children, for the conversion of those whose livelihood is funded by the annihilation of human life, and for the souls of those poor innocents whose lives are about to be lost. As we were shooting Saturday morning, Read More