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Photo of the Week: Planned Parenthood


| Weston Kenney | westonkenney@archstl.org | Instagram: westonkenney

Protesters stood outside Planned Parenthood facility on Forest Park Blvd. in St. Louis in response to a video that surfaced that showed a Planned Parenthood worker negotiating selling fetal tissue from abortions. Cindy and Rudy Mendez, stood outside of Planned Parenthood in protest on Tuesday, July 21, 2015.



My photo I’m sharing this week is of Cindy and Rudy Mendez, a couple that stood outside Planned Parenthood in protest of recent videos that surfaced, which showed a Planned Parenthood official negotiating selling fetal tissue from abortions. What really struck me about this picture is Cindy Mendez’s facial expression. I believe it really dives deep into the whole dark story behind abortion.