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Photo of the Week: Liturgy Camp


Hello all! My name is Weston Kenney and I am a 20-year-old (poor) college student hailing from Bowling Green, Kentucky. And no, I do not have a country accent, well at least I don’t think I do. Anyway, I am currently enjoying my photojournalism internship at the St. Louis Review that will end, unfortunately, in August. But alas, I still have a month!  This fall I will be venturing into my sophomore year at Western Kentucky University where I am majoring in photojournalism.

For my first photo post on this blog, I selected a picture that I took on an assignment for the Review. The photograph is of an animated Father Nick Smith who was a speaker at Liturgy Camp in Eureka. Now I know this isn’t a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph, nevertheless it is still a picture that means a lot to me. It reflects Father Smith’s personality – funny, smart and witty. He can take a joke, but he is equally adept and dishing one out. He is a good listener. During his presentation for the participants at Liturgy Camp, he made sure every kid had his or her voice heard. It was more of an open discussion rather than a one-way conversation directed at the youth. Father Smith’s genuine approach showed me his ability to reach these young people in a unique and special way. They were blessed that he was there to be part of their faith journey.

The best part of this internship so far has not been the pictures I have made but the people who I have met. Thank you Father Smith for helping to make my summer in St. Louis a memorable one.