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Finding a way to be agents of God

In college, I spent a semester studying in Paris at L’Institut d’Etudes Politique (Sciences-Po). For a history-loving, Francophile, it was among the best 5  months of my life. I struggled with a new language (although I considered myself relatively fluent before my trip, I rapidly realized I had overestimated my ability), a new culture, new transportation and, for reasons I still can’t fathom, a complete lack of ice in beverages. My first day was spent getting lost in the streets of Montmarte looking for the hostel I planned to stay in for a week or so until I found an Read More

Sealing the Door – Year of Mercy

Guest post by Dr. Ed Hogan | Director, Paul VI Institute and professor of theology, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary To get in the right frame of mind, it might be helpful to begin with John Henry Newman’s definition of the “sacramental principle”:  the idea that “material phenomena are the signs and instruments of real things unseen.”  That will help us raise the right question: what is the Holy Door a sign and instrument of? Normally, a door would represent Christ. This follows from John 10:9, where Jesus says “I am the gate [the door]. Whoever enters through me will be safe.”  But Read More

A Lesson in Jumping

My first assignment for the St. Louis Review was a grade school principal’s retirement party. The second was a first-grade pizza party. The last was Ferguson, on the 1-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. What happened in between?  I learned to jump. The first week on the job, I looked queasily down into the “professional world” pool and saw all the reasons I shouldn’t dive in—excuses as laughable as having to wear my mom’s business clothes or sitting in rush hour traffic. I touched my toe to the water and got cold feet. The second week, my co-intern Weston arrived. Read More

Young journalists and emerging technology broaden our audience

Technology brings opportunity to challenges. With the right attitude and skills, these challenges bring rewards. The final Faith in Ferguson prayer service Wednesday was such a situation. The St. Louis Review goes to press on Wednesday and the pages are to be sent to the printer by 5:30 p.m. The prayer service started at 4:30. One hour is a short span for full reportage, including photos. In situations like these, planning and technology are critical. Reporter Dave Luecking wrote much of the 876-word story in advance and then dictated updates and quotes from the event. That's common practice in the Read More

A Pearl of Wisdom

By Colleen Dulle Late one Thursday night, my best friend, Alyssa, and I flew down a quiet Highway 40, chatting about how much we love our jobs.  Granted, this was an easy thing to say: we’d just seen an excellent production of the critically-acclaimed Emmeline at Opera Theatre St. Louis for free, thanks to Alyssa’s work as one of the critics doing the acclaiming. We’re both journalism interns this summer—Alyssa at St. Louis Magazine and myself at the St. Louis Review and Catholic St. Louis.  For two little girls who grew up dreaming of one day becoming writers, who made Read More