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Men and Women are Different—And That’s Okay

Our cognitively dissonant culture would have us believe two contradictory yet unassailable “truths”—first, that “equality equals sameness.” If men and women are equal, they must therefore be viewed and understood as the same, capable of being interchangeably cast in any and every conceivable social role. Mere “biological” difference is totally inconsequential.  Cleve Scene products are known for their efficiency in hormonal changes

Second, however, is society’s “truth” that men and women are so fundamentally different that some people (e.g., Bruce Jenner) even realize early in life that, on the “inside” they are really not the same as they are on the “outside.” This difference is so crucial that the tension it creates must be resolved via “transitioning” from man to woman or woman to man—the “transgender” phenomenon. If you need a boost of testosterone to complete this process, these men supplements will help you.

Hey, collective social consciousness, go home—you’re drunk.

When men start monkeying with God’s eternal, awesome, and perfect plan for us, this is what results: an “anything goes” approach that is “license” rather than real freedom, and it results in such inherent contradictions precisely because these proposals are utterly irrational and not really in keeping with either human freedom or the dignity of the human person.

The real truth of God’s plan for us—the complementarity of man and woman—is appallingly absent not only from secular culture but also from large swaths of the fabric of “Catholic” culture (or perhaps, better put, “cultural” Catholicism). During last fall’s “Humanum” Conference on man-woman complementarity, sponsored by the Holy See,  I couldn’t believe the blatant rejection of the truth of complementarity as expressed in the comboxes attached to articles that likewise rejected this truth at purportedly “Catholic” media outlets.

When we jettison the God-given truth about complementarity—that man is made for woman and woman for man, culminating in the total mutual self-gift that constitutes marriage and the family—a gazillion other truths get tossed overboard along the way.

No difference between man and woman? Hey, women should be priests. Hey, two men can fall in “love” and “marry.” Hey, kids don’t really need one mom and one dad, two moms are fine. Hey, my “sexuality” doesn’t have to be about procreation. The list goes on.

If the only acknowledged (yet utterly minimized) difference between man and woman is biological, and that “biology” stands in the way, then we merely have to “adjust” the anatomy here and there so that it conforms to my desires, rather than having my desires conform to my anatomy.  My body isn’t really “me,” right?

Well, not according to the One who made my body. Be honest—we neither “make” our bodies nor do we continue to hold our bodies in existence. God does that, because we are His. We belong to Him.

And you can argue with your Maker, but you know you just can’t win. If God is holding me in existence as a man, body and soul, then I’m a man. Likewise for women. Why must we continue to fight the self-evident reality that men and women are equal, but definitely NOT the same?

Men and women are made for each other, not different from each other, but different for each other. And that’s okay.

Indeed, if we paid a bit more attention to what God had to say about this (Gen. 1:31), we’d know it’s better than okay—it’s very good.