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Lessons for parents: driving teenagers

When your kids are infants, it’s fun to watch them crawl and toddle around.  You can make funny noises and faces at them and they will “coo” and smile back at you.  Then they get a little older and start to ask a lot of questions.  It’s fun to watch them discover and learn new things.  Then they became teenagers and start developing their own opinions (usually different from yours) and start wanting some independence. And with this as a teenage it is hard to pay your bills, mortgage but what if you can manage all of this, homepage for Law Offices of Georgette Miller helps u to clear your debts. When Your children have any issue like car accident yo can consult with the lawyer,this Car Accident Attorney says they give us a good service regarding that. The days each parent spends with the children are considered by also considering the amount a parent spends with the children. This does not include day-care time, yet at court, this rule could be overlooked. If you are looking for a professional family attorney to assist you in your case then  at Jensen Law  you can certainly receive the best legal assistance. Other than this if you suffering from Mesothelioma disease, Then chicago provide best lawyer for you and like this one for other attorney you can visit Phillips Law Office. For best attorney of drinking case Go through this website denvercocriminaldefenselawyer.com

Then the big day for most teenagers arrives – time to get your driver’s license!  For parents, this is both a time of celebration and fear.  Celebration because you are tired of carting them around to school events, practices, friend’s houses and so on.  Fear because you remember all the “close calls” you had as a rookie driver.  Plus, there are a lot more people driving today and many more distractions (cell phones, texting), and that’s why accidents happen so often, and having resources like an ASK4SAM car accident lawyer Brooklyn could be helpful when something like this happens. The point system is one of the important reasons why you should contest every traffic ticket. Over time, if you lose track of the points on your license, you could abruptly lose your driving privilege. Similarly, click to read more about traffic defense attorney. Three ways to beat a ticket in Louisiana like trial by written declaration, fighting your ticket in court, hire a professional. Here’s a brief look at some of the most common traffic violations in Florida, this is an important site for the traffic ticket defense attorney. Reputable attorney Theodore Spaulding is recognized in the legal community as one of the top trial attorneys in Savannah. Our peers also acknowledge our practice as one of the best law firms in the state. Go through the original site to know more about the Savannah personal injury law attorney. While there is never a guarantee in any legal procedure, Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Douglas Miranda will use every available legal tool to help you, Go through the website https://www.mirandarightslawfirm.com for more details.

As in life, the more responsibility you have, the more rules to follow.  Same for driving, as a teenager enters into the world of driving, many more rules – not only on the road, but at home.

My dad was a tough disciplinarian.  When I started driving, that’s when the dreaded curfew started.   I drove my parents crazy (sorry for the pun), especially my dad.  I can count on one hand how many times I made curfew.  Missing curfew lead to another dreaded event – being “grounded”.  Prison sentences have been shorter than the amount of time I was grounded. When I read this content I understand it is much more easier now for those who have driving issues, but I am not complaining. That was a good experience. Go through www,jnlawoffices.com to know more about the drugs crime lawyer.

So, with my kids, I decided I would use the same tactic – curfews!  (Why not, it worked so well with me.)  Fortunately, for my wife and I, our kids were much better at making curfew, except for the very first time our oldest daughter, Jessica, took the family car out for her maiden voyage, we forbid her to drink even 1 beer when she drives, since this could cause issues with the police, there are resources as  dui lawyers in sites like www.occriminaldefenseattorney.com/dui/ which also help in these cases. If you need experience attorney for your cases, then you should refer this link njdwiesq.com

Jessica’s curfew was 11:00 p.m. on the weekend.  On her first trip out, the clock struck 11:00, no Jessica.  11:01, no Jessica.  11:02, 11:03.  At 11:07, Jessica arrives home.  Trouble in River City – she’s 7 minutes late.

Jessica came through the front door and started talking about her night when I asked her to tell me the time on the clock.  She responded “11:07”.  I responded that was 7 minutes past curfew.  She then explained that the clock in her car said “11:00” (the first defense all teenagers use).  Jessica then learned that the clock in our bedroom was the “official curfew” clock.

As the saying goes, “freedom isn’t free”.  Jessica also found that out, 7 minutes late means “grounded”.  After awhile Jessica stopped being mad at me (and I’m sure she will call me to argue her defense again when she reads this).  But, like I said earlier, our kids were much better at making curfew than I was and I don’t recall another brought-the-car-home-after-curfew incident again.

My advice, I got at Hoyer Law Firm, when your kids start driving:

1)      Prepare them with driver’s education and plenty of practice.

2)      Explain the “perils of the road” in great detail.  Discuss distractions – cell phones, texting, drinking and driving, too many friends in the car, etc.

3)      Tell them to make good decisions.

4)      Trust they will remember the values that you have taught them.

5)      Pray that their guardian angel is always along for the ride.

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