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God forgives: my pro-life journey

By Colleen Gosser | Junior at Bishop DuBourg High School

My story of becoming truly pro-life is rather unconventional because it doesn’t start at the March for Life. It started in May 2014 when my mom told me she was pregnant with what would be my eighth sibling…  and I reacted in the worst possible way.

To this day I do not know what came over me- it’s not like I wasn’t comfortable in my already large family, but all I could think about was how perfect strangers would make judgments, and how my life would be turned upside down in the next few months.

I soon came to terms with having a baby sibling, only for it to be snatched away from me by an unexpected miscarriage. A deep relationship with God seemed unattainable because all I felt was guilt and confusion.

I’m telling my story because I think it can help other people come to terms with mistakes they’ve made in the past. I would do anything to change my attitude that day in May, but I can’t turn back the clock. I’m telling this story, not to make people sad, but to help them realize what it means to truly be pro life, because up until that moment I didn’t really know either.

Colleen and her twin sister Katie, posed with friends and Archbishop Carlson at the 2015 March for Life.

Colleen and her twin sister Katie, posed with friends and Archbishop Carlson at the 2015 March for Life.

I knew that abortion was bad and that it killed a beating heart. But I didn’t appreciate the precious lives around me, even that of my little brother or sister. It wasn’t until at a Steubenville conference where God spoke to me (not in Morgan Freeman’s voice but through a man standing on the stage with a strange plaid suit coat) that I actually felt his healing presence in me again. I sat on the floor during adoration sobbing my eyes out.

So naturally I had no idea what to expect this year at the March. I went into it with an open mind, and I was not disappointed. The repeated theme that I kept running into was how much God loves us. He doesn’t hold grudges. He forgives us because all He wants us to do is to love Him back. One of the speakers said that God loved each and everyone of us so much, he loved us into existence. It put a whole new meaning on respecting life from the moment of conception until natural death.

No matter what, show those around you the respect and dignity that you would want. And always remember, even on your darkest day God will still love you. God is so good.