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Fr. Wester: The fear of being one

The below excerpt is from Fr. Don Wester’s homily on Sunday, January 31. To hear the entire podcast, visit http://allsaints-stpeters.org/Resources/Homilies.aspx


One of my most favorite meditations is to try to ponder the truth that all of us are one. We act so differently. We look so different. We come from different directions. And if you broaden the view beyond this Church into our nation and world, we as human beings have so many hues of color, so many practices of religion, so many nations and origins, so many ways to choose to live life. One of my favorite meditations is to try to pray that I would see with the eyes of God. These, all sons and daughters of God, and they are my brothers and sisters.

And as I do that contemplation of the oneness of humanity, one of the things I try to notice is what we all have in common. Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us have a fear of insignificance. We are afraid we don’t belong anyplace. We are afraid nobody will notice us. In fact, sometimes we are so broken, sad, fearful, that we are afraid we don’t even have what it takes to be a human being anymore. And it’s to that particular fear – being left out of not being in the right group – that the scriptures speak to us today.


Hear the rest of Fr. Wester’s podcast at http://allsaints-stpeters.org/Resources/Homilies.aspx (transcription leaves off at 2:20).