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Fr. Schroeder: Finding Nemo (Baptism of the Lord)

The following is an excerpt from Fr. Shroeder’s homily on January 10. Read the entire homily at Finding Nemo (Baptism of the Lord, Year C)

To listen to this homily, click here.

One of the fundamental plot lines for movies involves the painful journey of a child seeking to prove themselves to their parents and win their affection. Most sad and striking is the case of an adult child who still feels unworthy or unapproved by mom or dad. One movie that follows this theme is “Finding Nemo”, an animated Disney film about a Clownfish named Marlin and his young son, Nemo. Marlin is emotionally scarred from a barracuda attack that claimed his wife and most of their fish roe. Only he and little Nemo survived this incident and now, he is completely overprotective of Nemo. His hovering causes Nemo great embarrassment and compels him to try and prove himself to his dad. He wants his dad to believe that he is strong and capable. To prove that he does not need coddling, Nemo accepts a dare to swim out to a ship just past the reef drop off. He bravely swims into the open sea, which his father has taught him is dangerous, touches the boat and turns back in triumph. However, a scuba diver nets Nemo before he can reach safety. The rest of the movie tells the story of father and son trying to reunite with each other amidst danger and uncertainty and ends with both Nemo and his father triumphing over their fears and living in the joy of knowing the other’s love and admiration.

This intimate acceptance of a father of his son takes place in the gospel today…. Continue Reading Finding Nemo (Baptism of the Lord, Year C)