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Fr. Gerber: You Are Not Alone

When I entered the seminary, people would often ask me, “Aren’t you going to be lonely?” No wife or kids, a parish out in the country—won’t you be lonely? Little did they know that my schedule would be occupied by invitations to parishioners’ homes and to huge parties in my backyard (St. Joe’s picnic, this afternoon!). Even when I come home, there is someone to talk to: Father Chrismer and I can talk about our days and about whether Radiohead is better than Coldplay.

I see why Jesus sent the apostles out two-by-two. They would need each other—need each other for support and encouragement. And having two go out together would also mean a greater diversity of spiritual gifts. Perhaps one apostle was good at intercessory prayer while another was good at teaching. There could be a complementariness there that would make them stronger and better off than if they were simply lone rangers.

And it makes sense that our Lord would send out more than one. After all, God is love, so we would expect His heralds to be not only mouthpieces to speak about love, but to actually manifest it. Going two-by-two would become a visible witness to relationship: they would be in communion with each other and with the God who sent them. And this would add credibility to their proclamation… Continue reading on Fr. Gerber’s blog, “Uberrima Fides”