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Fr. Fonseca: Why is there pain and Suffering?

An excerpt from Fr. Fonseca’s Oct 18th homily. Read the whole text on his blog here. 

Perhaps the hardest question most of us will grapple with in our faith is the age old question of the problem of evil. I’m sure we have all asked this question to ourselves at one time or another: it goes something like this. “If God is all knowing, all loving, and all powerful then why is their pain and suffering in the world?”

On the surface this question may even seem like a good reason to doubt the existence of God, but the problem with this question is it seems to imply that nothing good comes from pain or suffering. Today’s readings flip that question completely upside down and remind us that as Christians, suffering has meaning and power. St. Paul, in today’s second reading, reminds us that we are not alone in our suffering. Christ Himself, God Himself, suffered and knows our afflictions.

In our Gospel we are reminded that if we want to enjoy eternal company with God in heaven, we too must suffer. Jesus reminds James and John that if they want to share in eternal life with Christ they must drink from the same chalice He does. In short if we, like Sts. James and John want to rise with Christ to eternal life we must also be willing to suffer with Christ. If Christ, whom we follow had to suffer, why should it be any different for us as Christians who are followers of Christ? …

Read the whole text on his blog here.