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Bishop Rice: Importance of Mass, from Steubenville STL Mid America

Originally posted on the SteubySTL 365 blog.

Bishop Rice presiding at Mass Saturday morning, July 18, 2015, for Steubenville Mid-America. His homily focused on the importance of the Mass in all of our lives, as well as the importance of rediscovering that importance if we feel that we have lost it.

by Audrey Masek

He started off by telling a story about 40 American prisoners of war who were in captivity in Japan for over 4 years during World War II. After their release, they had to trek 30 miles, across the island, to a British base; only 15 of them survived this journey. Though they were extremely worn down, sick, and near death, the first thing they wanted to do upon arriving safely at the base was go to Mass.

Bishop Rice reminded all of us that the same Mass these prisoners desired to celebrate is the one that we celebrate today. He reminded us that the Mass is “the greatest act of worship on this side of heaven.” We were reminded that we do not go to Mass to be entertained: it’s not about perfect music, our favorite priest, or a pretty church – it’s about Christ and His sacrifice.

He challenged those who lack passion for the Mass or find it boring to to learn more about it. Bishop Rice said that “if we understand the power of the Mass, we would never say its boring — the Mass is the one perfect sacrifice of Christ.” Additionally, he said that he would be offering up this morning’s Mass for all of those who don’t understand the Mass or don’t realize how powerful it is.

During a brief period of quiet Adoration following Mass, Bishop Rice encouraged everyone to open their hearts to the beauty of the Eucharist.