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Photos of joy lift us all

Around this time every year, photojournalists anticipate results of the Picture of the Year International judging. The annual contest is sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the University of Missouri School of Journalism and is considered among the most prestigious photojournalism contests in the world. Photos are judged against Read More

Pictures of the week: Sept. 5

I figured the first entry for Lumen, the photography blog in the Virtual Vestibule, would be photos of the week. Each Friday we’ll showcase a handful of images from our publications and from our wire services. Seems like a good tradition in a visual age. Who doesn’t like good photography? Read More

Journalism as evangelization

This week, St. Louisans no doubt have been paying close attention to the civil unrest in Ferguson, where people are protesting the shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old by police. Some of the protestors became rioters. Stores were looted, one was burned. Police used teargas and rubber bullets. As a journalist, Read More