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Real Marriage—Both “in the Church” and Out

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by Deacon Jim Russell There is so much confusion today about what marriage really is. Even faithful Catholics will often struggle to understand the fundamentals of marriage itself. For example: marriage is a Sacrament, right? Well…the better thing to say is that sometimes marriage is a Sacrament and sometimes it Read More

Mercy and the Holy Family

On this day of Christmas, my True Lord gave to me—the Feast of the Holy Family! Not only is today the annual celebration of this special day honoring Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as the exemplary “domestic church,” the church of the home, but this year, the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Read More

Season of Advent, Year of Mercy

Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!  Kyrie Eleison! Lord, Have Mercy! We have endured news of so much violence and hate in recent weeks, near and far, with the presence of terrorism lurking here on the home-front. All this is happening as we Catholics experience our annual encounter with the Church’s Season Read More

Avoiding the ‘End’ of Marriage

Around the world, it’s the end of marriage as we Catholics knew it. Right? Well, maybe. It depends on how old you are. Do any of us alive today ever really remember a time when Church and State were completely in sync on the meaning and purpose of marriage? Can you Read More

Love Is Not Love: And Truth Is Like Peanut Butter…

Hey, everybody–#LoveWins! #LoveIsLove! Now we’ve got marriage “equality”! Right? Well…actually, no. The Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage has made clear that secular culture has little or no clue about the real meaning of love. And we Catholics are now struggling to understand how to express lovingly the truth about Read More

Men and Women are Different—And That’s Okay

Our cognitively dissonant culture would have us believe two contradictory yet unassailable “truths”—first, that “equality equals sameness.” If men and women are equal, they must therefore be viewed and understood as the same, capable of being interchangeably cast in any and every conceivable social role. Mere “biological” difference is totally Read More

Pope Francis Gets Schooled on Spanking: Pop-Psych Meets Magisterium

Pope Francis did it again. Did what? Gave another Wednesday papal audience, of course! And the media and the pop psychologists—both secular and Catholic—have done it again, too. They’ve responded vigorously and rather alarmingly to the Holy Father’s recent Wednesday audience (Feb. 4, 2015: http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/audiences/2015/documents/papa-francesco_20150204_udienza-generale.html) in which he continued his catechesis Read More