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Covering “Snow vs. Wade”

As a reporter, I’m often faced with the task of making quick decisions. Covering this year’s March for Life was probably one of the biggest stories that put my decision-making to the test. This year’s march was scheduled on a Friday, January 22. In preparation, photographer Lisa Johnston and I Read More

Protecting the Holy Innocents

Fear and uncertainty sometimes drive people to do the unthinkable. Consider the story of King Herod of Judea, who centuries ago ordered the killing of any boys two years and younger living in the area of Bethlehem. Fearful of losing the throne to a newborn “King of the Jews,” Herod Read More

Giving women time to decide on abortion

As Missouri’s new law requiring a 72-hour waiting period before obtaining an abortion takes effect this week, here’s some interesting news to consider from Third Box, a new group of pregnancy clinics and women’s health PT clinics on the West Coast. The organization recently released the results of a survey Read More