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I Did Not Survive Roe vs. Wade

Today is the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade. Nearly one million people will be marching in Washington, D.C. today to show their disagreement with the decision. There will be thousands of signs protesting the murder of the victims of this law, posters of cherubic Read More

Charlie’s Angels

Yesterday morning I awoke to a deluge of Twitter alerts regarding the terror attack in Paris on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.  Twelve people were killed in the attack, including 10 members of the paper’s staff. Not being much of a Francophile, I wasn’t terribly familiar with the publication, always Read More

The Singing Nun…

Those of you who know me have often heard me say that religious orders should make themselves available to families and young women in order to let them see that saying “yes” to a vocation isn’t saying “no” to life. In the case of Sr. Cristina; however, I believe grave Read More

The Synod of Excess

Last week I found myself growing increasingly irritated with the Synod going on in Rome and the various reports coming out of it. While I understand that the family is the core of the Church and by strengthening the family you strengthen the Church, and while I appreciate the fact Read More