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Bring Back the Pie!

The majority of Catholics have fallen into the same mindset as the general culture when it comes to the schedule of celebrating holidays. Easter doesn’t suffer as much as Christmas, presumably because Easter isn’t a major retail holiday season, so the stakes aren’t as high, economically speaking. Sure, McDonald’s does Read More

Death and Disappointment…

In the wake of the attacks on Paris, the social media sphere erupted with outrage, sadness, fear, check-ins, news reports, and first-hand posts from those who had experienced the slaughter first-hand. No more than 24 hours later, the complaining started. First it was the Catholics complaining that the use of the Read More

Oh the Humanity…

The following is just my own version of the somewhat hackneyed phrase, “Oh the humanity!” that was uttered by American radio reporter, Herbert Morrison; overwhelmed at the sight of the Hindenburg exploding above his head. There is simply too much to try to process regarding the recent videos that have Read More

Marriage Is…

As you probably know by now, this morning the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. The definition of marriage has been changed in the law of the land. However, regardless of today’s SCOTUS ruling, for us Catholics, the definition of marriage as a Read More