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Fr. Gerber: What is love?

A Phileo Kind of Love - Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Easter - Fr. Gerber “Simon, do you love me?” For us, the word “love” can mean many things: I can love the Cardinals, I can love a hamburger after Lent, I can love my mom—all the same word, but very different levels of intensity. Underneath the English translation of the text here, there is the Greek. And for the Greeks, this word, “love,” has many forms. So, for example, Jesus asks Peter: “Do you love me?” The Greek word for love here is “agape.” (pronounced ah-GAH-peh or AH-gah-peh). Agape Read More

Fr. Harrison: Palm Sunday Mass Mob at Historic St. Mary of Victories

Historic St. Mary of Victories Catholic Church in downtown, the second oldest church in the City of St. Louis, hosted a special “Mass Mob” on Palm Sunday, March 20. It was the 6th Mass Mob since April 2015. The Mass featured English, Latin and Hungarian elements, including Gregorian chant and a Hungarian choir, to honor the church's history and the cultures that have called it home. Fr. Brian Harrison, O.S., delivered a stirring homily, which you can listen to below: http://www.smov.info/images/files/audio/WS700063.MP3 More information about Historic St. Mary of Victories can be found at smov.info. More information about St. Louis Mass Mobs can be Read More

Fr. Wester: The fear of being one

The below excerpt is from Fr. Don Wester’s homily on Sunday, January 31. To hear the entire podcast, visit http://allsaints-stpeters.org/Resources/Homilies.aspx   One of my most favorite meditations is to try to ponder the truth that all of us are one. We act so differently. We look so different. We come from different directions. And if you broaden the view beyond this Church into our nation and world, we as human beings have so many hues of color, so many practices of religion, so many nations and origins, so many ways to choose to live life. One of my favorite meditations Read More

Archbishop Carlson: We are Generation Life!

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson addressed the 1,000+ youth gathered at the Cathedral Basilica on Saturday, January 23rd for the Generation Life event held  in St. Louis. The event was held here because the Generation Life pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. was called off due to the severe snowstorm that impacted the Eastern United States. Archbishop shared an inspirational message urging us to unite in defense of all life and to be faithful witnesses. He called on the youth to truly be Generation Life, united in prayer and action to bring an end to abortion. Archbishop Carlson first offered the youth one question: “Are Read More

Fr. Schroeder: Finding Nemo (Baptism of the Lord)

The following is an excerpt from Fr. Shroeder's homily on January 10. Read the entire homily at Finding Nemo (Baptism of the Lord, Year C) To listen to this homily, click here. One of the fundamental plot lines for movies involves the painful journey of a child seeking to prove themselves to their parents and win their affection. Most sad and striking is the case of an adult child who still feels unworthy or unapproved by mom or dad. One movie that follows this theme is “Finding Nemo”, an animated Disney film about a Clownfish named Marlin and his young son, Read More