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Christmas Is All About Me

By Giovanni Madriz | Program Coordinator, Office of Hispanic MInistry This year my Christmas wishes for those I love are all about me. I am pretty sure it’s the same for most of us:  during Christmas the most noble of feelings surface in our hearts and we can be overcome by a strong urge to share those feelings with those around us. Since the beginning of Advent I have often find myself in my daily interactions wishing blessings upon those I greet when I wake up, when I arrive to my work, or when I casually encounter them throughout the day. Read More

Answering the Knock at Our Door

By Sarah Simpson | Manager, Donor Relations and Communications, Catholic Charities of St. Louis There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child. The entire nation watched as our community mourned the death of Jamyla Bolden, shot in her home in Ferguson while doing her homework. In an instant, Jamyla was our daughter, our sister, our neighbor.  Jamyla was another life ended too soon by a random act of violence, and a reminder to cherish every moment with the ones we love. Out of tragedy, empathy is born. We hear a story on the news and our hearts break Read More

My trip to see Pope Francis

By Leslie Hernandez | St. Joseph - Manchester Parishioner Since his installation as Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis has moved me with his intentions for our Catholic community and the world. The respect and admiration I feel towards him are difficult to explain. We have similar approaches in regards to humility, compassion, sensitivity and service to others. I am passionate about helping others, especially the destitute, those who are under-served for one reason or another, and people with different abilities or, as society call them “special needs." In the past I've had vivid dreams with Pope Francis. In one he Read More

Credit card interest

Most people aim to keep their credit card cost at $0 per day. However, companies like SoFi say that one of the best ways to avoid paying high credit card interest rates is to keep your balance low. Your typical balance of $4,000 is low enough to avoid a charge of more than 0.9%. However, your interest rate can be higher on any credit card you have if you keep your balance high. A lot of people are told to use a credit card with the highest possible interest rate. That's not so great advice. Let's use an example to Read More

Educating today’s youth through service

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis - which encompasses eleven counties – provide elementary, secondary, and special education programs to children of all faiths. Our schools invite the more than 40,000 Catholic school students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through academic and faith formation programs in safe, nurturing environments. We provide pre-school and after-school programs, plus year-round inclusionary pre-schools for children 6 weeks to 6 years. This year, Catholic Schools Week is being celebrated nationally from January 25-31. In St. Louis, every Catholic school is celebrating our nearly 200-year history, our mission to educate the Catholics of Read More